Precious metals and secure vault storage

Welcome to Ravenscroft Precious Metals based in the Channel Island of Guernsey

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Ravenscroft Precious Metals provides you with simple and transparent access to physical gold, silver, platinum and palladium.

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We provide you with secure storage for your precious metals, collectibles and other high value tangible assets.

As well as bullion bars and coins, we look after diamonds, watches, jewellery and stamps.

Secure Storage

The Ravenscroft Difference

Gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Your precious metals, in the exact form that you want. Invest for storage in our secure vaults.

Bullion Ownership

Bars, coins and grain held for you in the form you want

Safe and Sound

Our business is registered with the local regulator

Offshore Advantage

Buy and store without value-added or goods and sales tax

Fully Transparent

Our charges for dealing and storage are clearly stated

100% Physical

Allocated precious metals in the form of your choice

Ultimate Control

Sell or collect some, or all, of your precious metals

Proud to be part of the Ravenscroft group

Ravenscroft is an independently owned investment services group with offices in Guernsey, Jersey, the UK and the Isle of Man. Ravenscroft has over £8.5bn of assets under administration for both private and institutional clients.

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