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Ravenscroft launches US dollar fund

Ravenscroft has added a US dollar denominated fund to its range of investment funds.

The Global Balanced USD Fund will enable US dollar focused investors to gain exposure to Ravenscroft’s most popular investment strategy, without taking on additional currency risks. Its main objective is to generate capital growth by investing into a combination of fixed income and global equities.

‘The Ravenscroft Investment Fund Offshore range has proved extremely popular with investors. Our thematic approach has benefitted from trends in demographics, technological innovation, consumerism and healthcare which continue to play out on a global scale. Our four offshore funds, which now have more than £580m. invested between them, have been designed to offer choice to investors, whilst taking into account a range of risk appetites and investment objectives,’ said director of Ravenscroft Investment Management Limited Ben Byrom.

‘In talking to our clients, we identified appetite for a US dollar denominated Balanced Fund which we launched recently for offshore investors. It will mirror our sterling denominated Balanced investment strategy by way of asset allocation, thematic investment and underlying funds with the exception that non-US currency denominated fixed income assets are hedged back to US dollars.’

Following the launch of the Global Balanced USD Fund, Ravenscroft now plans to add the Income and Growth strategies to its range of Onshore Funds later this year.

For more information on the funds, Ravenscroft’s investment management team can be contacted on (01481) 732 769 or