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Prudence, pocket money and pound cost averaging: Investing for your children

As parents, we often want to give our children the world, and while this might not literally be possible, financially planning for their future can be a good start.

Whether it’s putting away a lump sum or squirrelling away a portion of their pocket money each month, it’s never too early to start investing on their behalf.

In this podcast, which is based on the article ‘Grinch Mum’, Ashleigh Morris chats to Ravenscroft’s Head of Client Services, Sophie Yabsley, about Ravenscroft’s Investing for Children service.

Sophie has also written another article, ‘This Christmas, give the best gift that money can buy… time’, which you can read here.

Please note that the content discussed in this podcast only applies to Channel Island  investors. If you are based in the UK or Isle of Man and have any questions about investing for your children, please contact us.