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Platinum & Palladium

Precious metals for industry, investment and intrigue.

Platinum and palladium are two of the rarest metals on earth. This fact, combined with their demand from the electronics and automotive industries, might make them a really alternative investment.

Invest in platinum and palladium

We might be familiar with platinum's use as a precious metal for jewellery, but not many know that both platinum and palladium are most frequently, and extensively, used in industry: from mobile phone parts, computer processors and automotive catalytic converters, to name but a few. The metals have shown an ability to provide capital growth over the long-term. As a relatively liquid, but non-correlated asset, platinum and palladium might be considered as an insurance against the fall of other investments, such as equities and bonds.

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Ravenscroft for platinum and palladium

We buy and store physical platinum and palladium in Guernsey where there is no value-added or goods and sales taxes on purchases or storage fees. We hold our clients' bullion in the exact form, purity and size that they have requested us to purchase - not like the 'fractional ownership' model pursued elsewhere.

We're also committed to flawless service

Our aim is to provide excellence in precious metals for our clients regardless of their location, home currency, time zone or language. We are here to discuss your specific needs and cater to your requirements.

Bullion Bars
Weight Min Qty Market
1 kg Pt 1 bar $34,170.93
1 kg Pd 1 bar $34,098.09

Bars are 999.5 fine platinum or palladium from London Bullion Market Association accredited refineries. Please ask us for pricing and availability of smaller bars and coins.