Precious Metals

Unallocated Ounces

When you just want our most cost-effective way to gain exposure to the prices of precious metals.

Gain exposure to the prices of precious metals without committing to the costs of manufacture and delivery.

After everything that we have said about physical bars and coins, the low-down on metal account dealing.

Why unallocated ounces?

As you are not buying any physical bars, coins or grain, you do not have to pay any premium for manufacture or logistics, nor do you have any assets to store in our vaults. As a result, the costs of dealing in, and holding, unallocated ounces, is much lower than those incurred in dealing in physical bullion. You might consider a metal account transaction to initiate a position in a precious metal after a significant price move, in order to check that your entry point is a good one, before then paying the extra for physical bullion to be made and delivered to our vaults. 

Ravenscroft for unallocated ounces

We can convert your unallocated ounces to physical bullion later and the premium you have paid will not be lost, nor will you incur any selling charges in so doing. You will have to pay the extra premium for the asset you want and may incur logistics charges. Contact us for further details. 

About our assets

Actually traded in grammes, gold, silver, platinum and palladium prices are available to trade with our service provider, and one of the world's leading Swiss refineries, Metalor. Your investment will be made on our nominee company trading account and will sit as a "metal account balance" that represents an unsecured creditor balance on the financial statements of Metalor.  

About Metalor

In 1852 Martin de Pury & Cie founded the "Preliminary Rolling Factory" at Le Locle, which specialized in the melting of gold and the manufacture of watch cases, establishing the foundations of the future Metalor industrial group.

Developing its production activities first at a site in Neuchâtel, and then in other countries throughout the world, Metalor was owned by Société de Banque Suisse until 1998, when its majority ownership was taken over by a group of industrial investors.

Metalor is a substantial business that employs 1500 people worldwide and has a turnover exceeding one billion Swiss Francs. 

Metal account risk warning notice

When you buy unallocated precious metals through our nominee you will become a creditor of Metalor - they will owe you the precious metal that you have paid for. However, you must be aware that you will not own the asset whilst your holding is on metal account. Metalor remains the owner of any actual precious metal and is free to use your money, whilst also adding your unallocated metal holding to its own reserves.

The underlying metal might be physically stored in an audited vault - but this is not guaranteed.

Furthermore, in the extremely unlikely event that Metalor became insolvent, then you might, as a creditor, receive back only, at best, a proportionate share of whatever was raised from the sale of Metalor's assets.

Unallocated ounces
Weight Min Qty Market
1 g Gold 50 g $150.39
1 g Silver 5000 g $1.96
1 g Platinum 100 g $66.45
1 g Palladium 50 g $63.24