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Understanding volatility as part of the investment process

Risk and volatility are two investment terms that are often used interchangeably, but in fact mean two very different things.

In this podcast, Sam Dovey and Holly Warburton define risk and volatility as part of the investment process and explain the differences between them. They also delve into the different levels of volatility across various asset classes, from cash to emerging market equities, and how they use this knowledge to build portfolios that offer the best possible risk-return profile for their clients.

Finally, Sam and Holly also discuss how recent market volatility has impacted returns and some of the key questions they encourage investors to consider before investing.

(00:48) – Risk vs volatility – what is the difference?
(02:00) – Volatility of different asset classes
(04:18) – Understanding volatility and portfolio construction
(07:15) – What to consider before investing
(09:02) – How recent market volatility has impacted investment portfolios

The Ravenscroft offshore fund range referred to within this podcast is only available offshore and is not suitable for UK investors.