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2023 in review and looking ahead to 2024

The investment markets in 2023 have been influenced by many factors from the central banks’ monetary policies to volatility in energy prices and continuing pinch points in global supply chains. Against this backdrop there have been positives and negatives for our investment teams.

In this podcast three of our multi-managers get together to discuss the notable events of the year; David Le Cornu who runs the Balanced Fund, Bob Tannahill manager for our income strategies and Shannon Lancaster who leads the Global Solutions Strategy* give their views on how these events have played out in the investment markets and what the opportunities could be for 2024.

(00.23) – Introduction from Shaun McDade

David Le Cornu
(00.56) – Why have the "magnificent seven" attracted so much attention?
(05.00) – Active investing and the "magnificent seven" in 2023   
(06.45) – AI and technology as a long term investment theme - looking ahead to opportunities in 2024

Bob Tannahill
(12.09) -  Bond markets in 2023
(16.47) – The outlook for bond markets in 2024
(19.23) – The strength of holding bonds in the longer term

Shannon Lancaster
(20.12) – How have our themes performed in 2023?
(22.40) – Environmental solutions and energy transition in 2023
(24.28) – What’s the outlook for these stocks in 2024?
(25.38) – Summary for each of the managers and looking forward to 2024

*Please note that Global Solutions is an offshore fund only available in the Channel Islands and Isle of Man. It is not available to UK investors.