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Ravenscroft Global Blue Chip and the investing experience

Ben Byrom has managed the Ravenscroft Global Blue Chip fund for over a decade, in which time there have been market ups and downs, the emergence of new technologies and the rise of some mega, global companies.

In this podcast he talks to Sam Dovey about what sets the Global Blue Chip Fund apart from its peers and what he and the Global Blue Chip team have learnt from the past 10 years of investing in the equity markets.

Additionally he and Sam discuss what they look for in a stock and the advice Ben would give to anyone getting started in investing.

(01.09) – What is the Global Blue Chip Fund and what sets it apart from its peers?

(03.22) – What have you learnt over the past decade of running the fund?

(05.20) – If you could own one stock for the rest of your life, what would it be?

(06.45) – What advice would you give someone starting out in investing; what should they look out for?